suddenly John(or father and daughter)

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Sketch. I decided to practice poses. I’m too tired to shade this.

Anyway, John reading bedtime stories to Casey because I love human!Casey and I love John as a dad. I judt love it so much. ;_;

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((messaged)) suggestion; john and rose

i added casey. is that k?


I always thought it was funny how “Casey” was kind of abducted by John and left that other Salamander for no explainable reason

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I have a thing for JohnRose+Casey and I can’t stop myself from drawing said things sometimes.



In Soviet Russia matryoshkas play with you. I regret nothing.

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PCHOO, here’s a scribble-doo

What is a finished drawing anyway


he is a father and doesn’t need your sass


these sketches are for tumblr user punnery (scarfle!!!!) because I SAW THE LITTLE AUTHORS NOTE IN YOUR FIC, CASEY, ON ao3!!! SCARFLE!!! /screeeeech/ i laughed because you thought i wouldn’t see it but i see everything…  (́ ◉ω◉‵ ) also i am hardly amazing compared to you and seriously, you take the award on being the CUTEST??? have you even read your own tags omg they’re always so cute and funny and i love reading them!!  (´ω`)

anyways these sketches were suppose to be daddy!john (in his work clothes) and cas..e..y…… but omg i don’t think they look like john and casey at all hahaha gomen  (´ー`)

here’s to you, scarfle! for always being the cutest and putting up with me and my silly doodles and just being totally awesome in every single way possible!!

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You’re just like my daughter!

Imagine you beat a game you’ve been playing for 3 years and then go back to a regular life with memories from the game and everyone in it , then stumbling upon a lil salamander that LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE YOUR DAUGHTER FROM THE GAME. and just you realized wow you’re alive right now.

All of that actually happened to you and you sorta miss everyone from it.

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